Is the sun really our enemy?

I couldn’t help myself to write my thoughts concerning the every year’s biggest summer issue – the sun and sun creams. When the first hot sunny days start, populist medias are full of generic articles about sun creams and skin cancer, which want to convince us that the sun is our huge enemy. Stop and … Continue reading

Beautiful skin – the mirror of our lifestyle

One of the most common questions that I receive from women of all ages is: Tell me what do I have to use to have a bright, radiant, youthful skin without pimples and spots? There are some essential facts that we should understand about our skin. Especially, when we have problems, it’s not enough just … Continue reading

Some tips for soft, smooth and attractive lips

No more chapped lips this winter! Chapped lips can be a problem, especially in cold winter days. The lips become dry and cracked, because of the absence of natural moisture from the lips. The main cause is cold weather, wind, dehydration and being in a cold and dry environment. Lips have a natural oily film … Continue reading

Harmful ingredients in cosmetic products

In reflection: Between 50 and 100 chemical substances are contained in a common perfume. That means that this cocktail is directly inhaled through our nose and enter in our brain, where it causes severe imbalances. Several scientific studies show that fragrance ingredients are one of the biggest causes for skin allergies, asthma, central nervous system … Continue reading

Do you really nourish your skin and feel good in it?

Nowadays, we believe that we will fight skin related problems such as dryness and many others with that nice smelling body butter that we bought, the new dry oil that absorbs so quickly,…? Well, that is not entirely true. First of all, we have to understand what our skin is and then what do we … Continue reading


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