Pure Anada make-up

I promised you, dear ladies that I will come back with the 2nd part of Pure Anada presentation, where I want to show you some of their makeup products that I find very nice! At the first glance, I was mostly attracted by their pressed mineral products. You know, that I’m always in search of these … Continue reading

New make-up tools

Japonesque review Recently I did some new supplies for my make-up kit from a brand that is very dear to me for many years when it comes to high quality accessories. First, I intended to buy some new palettes for my lipsticks (this is probably their most famous product) and lash curlers, but I ended … Continue reading

From my green bag: Nvey eco eyeshadow palette

Review of the eyeshadow palette n.3 I wanted to review the eyeshadow palette from Nvey Eco since a long time and now the opportunity came along. In this moment in my make-up kit there wasn’t any Nvey eco eyeshadow left. I wanted to use them again and review them too. I have chosen to review … Continue reading

My custom made mineral eyeshadow palette

As a make-up artist I love working with palettes cause, they are very practical and handy. When I switched to mineral make-up eyeshadows, instead of using the normal ones, I invented a unique palette on my own. I really wanted to have an overview to all colors and quickly choose the right one. So, I … Continue reading


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