Kjaer Weiss Essential duo

Let’s start this 2015 with la crème de la crème from the green beauty world! It’s been a long time that I know Kjaer Weiss products but since I received them in this beautiful red gift box and the original package, I couldn’t not share it with you, my lovely readers 🙂 Here is the review of Kjaer Weiss Essential duo 1 that I got from the super lovely and professional Amazingy shop.


Kjaer Weiss Lip tint Passionate and Eyeshadow Cloud nine

Kjaer Weiss Lip tint Passionate and Eyeshadow Cloud nine


You can expect huge novelties from my blog and so even these beauties in action. But while you wait for my news to come, enjoy my written review. For me personally, this duo is really The Essential or a must-have! Both shades are so good and the selection of a good eyeshadow paired with a lip tint is in my opinion enough for a quick ready to go day look. The eyeshadow Cloud nine has a satin finish and just enough shimmer in it and it blends perfectly without creasing in the eyelids. You can wear this champagne shade as a base for other shades or worn alone, like I do on myself with lots of black mascara! When you connect both of these products on the face the look comes really together!

The texture of the Lip tint Passionate is super hydrating and creamy because of many natural oils like Shea butter, Castor and Jojoba oils. The shade is described as raspberry (that is for me sheer pinky red with a cool undertone) but I don’t agree at all with the description, because this is much more a universal medium nude peachy with a hint of pink. At least I received this shade and I’m very glad! Passionate is absolutely a neutral shade that can be worn by most women. It’s perfect for the daytime look. It has a sheer but very buildable coverage; you can achieve a nice almost lipstick effect. I wouldn’t say it’s a sheer tinted balm at all.

Here is the etiquette with the ingredients of the balm for those who want to check it:

Ingredients on the bottom of the box

Ingredients on the bottom of the box


And last but not least the 2 swatches of the products:


Kjaer Weiss Essential duo 1 swatches. Left Passionate Lip tint, right: Cloud nine eyeshadow

Kjaer Weiss Essential duo 1 swatches. Left: Passionate Lip tint, right: Cloud nine eyeshadow


All the packages are amazing; the design is a great idea, as you can see it from the picture. The inox boxes are very handy and they also guarantee that the product is in a safe place while in your bag:)

I’m so in love with the red gift box that is made from solid carton and that I’ll reuse for my pencils 🙂

Do you like Kjaer Weiss? Which products are your favourites?

5 Responses to “Kjaer Weiss Essential duo”
  1. Loooking forward to hearing the big news ..:-)!
    Would love to try KW make-up but afraid it is a bit too rich for my skin. x

  2. My favorite product by KW is Radiance highlighter. And also liptint in Lovers Choice. Did you try any of these? Best, Niina

  3. Kjaer Weis is such a lovely brand! I’ve been wanting to try more from them.

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