My new discovery: Idun Minerals

As you already know, good concealers are quite hard to find in the green beauty world. As a make-up artist I seek for a compromise between great result and green ingredients, although this is not always possible. Some time ago, I stumbled upon a Swedish brand with mineral make-up where I was captivated by their concealers…They have 3 in their range: a powder one (the greenest one, but I don’t tend to use powder concealers), a creamy compact and a pen (the YSL Touch éclat like). Well, I wanted to try them and I finished to try some other products from their beautiful range too! The name is inspired by the Norse mythology goddess Idun, associated with apples, youth and beauty. So they have designed lovely packages ornamented with different illustrations dedicated to Idun that are really a joy for the eyes 🙂

Review of my favourite Idun minerals products

Idun minerals concealer duo and pen

Idun minerals concealer duo and pen

I love these 2 Idun concealers! The duo concealer has 2 shades; one light and other medium with a hint of yellow undertone to neutralise any redness, imperfections or dark circles. You can easily apply it with fingers or brush and it blends great in the skin. You can use them on their own or mix together to achieve the right shade. The other one is packed in a nice pen with a click and thus is very easy to use too. Its purpose is to highlight the under eye and other areas that need light. It comes in 2 shades: I have tried the one for fair/light skin called Raps.

Here are the swatches of face products:

From left: Idun minerals mineral foundation Saga, pen concealer Raps, Duo concealer Strandgyllen

From left: Idun minerals mineral foundation Saga, pen concealer Raps, Duo concealer Strandgyllen


Idun make-up brushes and face products

I was very curious about their synthetic brushes (made with Taklon fiber) and decided to try the Kabuki one. I like it because it has a longer handle and because it’s not too big/round. You can easily reach every corner of the face with it. I find great the idea that every brush has a holder where it can stand (see the top picture). I recommend to try their brushes because are high quality, beautifully designed and they have this handy system so they can stand firmly.

Idun Kabuki brush, mineral foundation and compact blush

Idun Kabuki brush, mineral foundation and compact blush

On the picture you can see the beautiful open jar with mineral foundation. The foundation has Mica, Zinc oxide and some minerals to add colour. I have tried the shade Saga (you can choose among 8 shades) designed for fair skin and although I have very light skin it was a little too pale tending to white for me. Otherwise the finish is very nice, because it has a touch of shimmer in it and so it gives the face a nice glow without being too cakey. It complements very well with the kabuki brush.

To achieve some color I found perfect the Idun blush Hallon. It is one of the 3 shades and it is a perfect pinky rose shade. It is not cool nor warm, I’d say a perfect neutral shade to add the natural flush to the cheeks. One of my favourite must-have shades!

And these are the packages with different designs:

Idun minerals package design by Patrizia Gucci

Idun minerals package design by Patrizia Gucci


 Idun minerals eyes

I couldn’t resist to try even some eye make-up products. I was amazed by all the 3 products: eyeshadow quad, eyebrow pencil and mascara. But as it might sound strange, I find Idun eyebrow pencil my favourite product among all. Not just because of the performance but also because its shade is designed perfectly! It fits with my eyebrow colour exactly, it stays on, you can do soft strokes and so designing your brows without looking too heavy. At the end it looks like your brows are natural (ok, along with the correct technique too!). I tried the shade Lonn among 3 shades and it suits medium brown hair without being too warm or cool, just the perfect mix of colour! I’m really glad about this pencil, because I was quite struggling to find a very good eyebrow pencil that’d fit all my criterions.

Idun minerals Eyeshadow quad Brunkulla, Lengthening mascara and  Eyebrow pencil

Idun minerals Eyeshadow quad Brunkulla, Lengthening mascara and Eyebrow pencil

I was curious to try the Lengthening Mascara Idun in black. It is awesome, one of the best mascaras among mineral products! Its wand is very precise as you can see from the photo and it separates and lengthens lashes precisely while giving them a very visible dramatic effect! When wearing it you cannot fail to notice the dramatic effect it provides.

From left: Idun minerals Eyebrow pencil, Palette Brunkulla eyeshadows, Blush Hallon

From left: Idun minerals Eyebrow pencil, Palette Brunkulla eyeshadows, Blush Hallon

I have chosen the Eyeshadow Palette Brunkulla, because I find it a nice selection of nude colours. They are all satin finish, which means they are shimmery but not too much. Their pigmentation is high with a velvety texture. They blend easily and stay a long time on. Above you can see the swatches from these palette. There is a dark brown shade, a mid tone sand with a rose undertone and two lighter ones; one in gold and the other in beige rose. I suggest this palette as a gorgeous gift.


Have you tried anything from Idun minerals yet?


2 Responses to “My new discovery: Idun Minerals”
  1. Maria B says:

    Thanks for sharing, I’ll check them out now since it’s the first time I hear of them and you’ve made me very curious! 😀 x

  2. Amber says:

    Wow I’ve been eyeing the eyeshadows up for a while now and I think I definitely need them now!

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