Autumn inspired make-up: Lily Lolo

I finally got my hands on some products from Lily Lolo that I wanted to try. Especially the new BB cream was on my “curiosity list”. And since I’m a fan of all-sorts of pressed make-up products, I tried their pressed eyeshadows too. I wanted to try the blushes as well, but were out of stock, so next time along with the new upcoming eye palettes (with pressed eyeshadows of course!).

Lily Lolo BB cream

Lily Lolo BB cream

Lily Lolo BB cream

Although the new age of foundation/tinted moisturisers called BB/CC,… creams is just a marketing strategy for another product, I admit that I find myself well with them. Because overall, they are light in texture, they enhance the skin tone and even if they don’t cover everything perfectly they still give the skin that youthful modern appearance. So if your skin does not have any major imperfections, these products will suit you great. I’m so pleased that Lily Lolo has added this product in their collection. It comes in 2 shades: light and medium and it is packed in a handy and beautiful tube with a pump which I like very much! I have tried the light shade as you can see on the swatch below. On the picture it looks too yellow because it was taken in warm afternoon daylight. The shade is designed very well in my opinion, because it is not too yellow nor too dark for light skin. It gives your skin a nice layer of coverage that I’d describe it light to medium. It does not cover imperfections like red spots or dark circles but it diminishes them a little bit. But after all the point of the bb cream is not to be a full coverage foundation. For those who want it, the mineral powder should be applied over it. I don’t like this option because I tend to dislike the matte powdery finish. I prefer some concealer and a little bit of setting powder, if needed.

Swatch of Lily Lolo BB cream - Light

Swatch of Lily Lolo BB cream – Light


Pressed eyeshadows and Eyebrow duo 

My selection of Lily Lolo pressed eyeshadows for autumn makeup

My selection of Lily Lolo pressed eyeshadows for autumn makeup (from left clockwise: eyebrow duo, Ivy league, Voodoo, Truffle shuffle, Brassed off)

Every new season I got ideas and inspirations about new colours to wear. This time I have chosen intuitively a muddy greyish, palette, where colors interact like a wash of water-colour, where there is no dark and hard edge between light and dark. The colours of the same chromatic intensity melt together. Greyish with a green undertone like Voodoo shade or the golden bronze like Brassed off can be a different and beautiful suggestion to crash the “old” known style. I adore the olive green mix with antique gold that Ivy league offers: a very special shade to wear that adds depth to the eyes. Another mix I love is grey-green Voodoo combined with the purplish muddy grey Truffle shuffle…Very chic for autumn. The BB cream is great for this look, where the eyes are the focus. A lift to the eyebrows, clear lips and that’s it!

Lily Lolo pressed eyeshadows swatches. From left: Brassed off, Truffle shuffle, Ivy league, Voodoo

Lily Lolo pressed eyeshadows swatches. From left: Brassed off, Truffle shuffle, Ivy league, Voodoo

If I switch to the “technical” side of the eyeshadows, I just praise them! I haven’t expected such a quality. They are very intense in pigmentation, slightly shimmery, but not too much and the nice thing is the shimmery particles are finely grounded. The staying power is impressive even without any primer underneath they lasts for hours.

I also like the Eyebrow duo which comes in 3 shades: light, medium and dark. I have tried the medium one, which is a very well designed shade for brunettes, not too deep but more than enough for most women. The wax included is great too to set everything in place. A big like for this product too! Finally, got a good green option for brows!


Anyone in love with Lily Lolo?



I shop Lily Lolo products in one of my favourite online shops Ecco verde that had in stock the new products a few days after the launch!

13 Responses to “Autumn inspired make-up: Lily Lolo”
  1. athenasaxena says:

    i love your blog, ❤ btw have some time to read on my blog too and you might want to visit and like my facebook cheers ❤ love lots

  2. I love Lily Lolo, especially its lip glosses!

  3. Thanks for this brilliant review…I am relaly tempted now. You really picked the right eye shadows colours and bb cream it seems….I like it!

  4. Amber says:

    I like Lily Lolo shadows and Berry Crush is a lovely lipstick that I have. Not keen on the others as most have carmine in them but those eyeshadows are lovely!!

  5. Jana says:

    I can’t wait to try the BB cream, I’m super excited about it! You should definitely try the new mascara, I have it on today for the first time and I love it, my lashes are looking super nice! 🙂 xx

    • green makeup says:

      Thanks Jana for the advice on the mascara! Actually I wanted to order it, but I didn’t because I still have lots of mascaras to finish (and review! 🙂 ) So I will definitely keep it in mind for the next purchase!

  6. I’ve been dying to try the Eyebrow duo for awhile but I can’t seem to find a retailer that sells it in the US :/ Waiting patiently… I’m curious about that BB cream and the eyeshadows look gorgeous!

  7. Mara says:

    Hi Dasha.

    I had one of their pressed eyeshedows, but unfortunately I was not very impressed with it because of it smelling horribly (there was something wrong with it, maybe it was showing some signs of deterioration…). I’m happy that your batch is ok and you could test them properly. (Great autumnal colour choice and great pictures!)


    • green makeup says:

      Hi Mara! Oh, what a pity! It might have been old or something I guess. Mine are ok. But in every case they don’t have any special smell. Just the classic smell of minerals infused with natural oils which is not noticeable unless you really smell it very closely 🙂 Baci! Dasha

  8. Ola D. says:

    I was really interested in the BB, but unfortunately it has one particular ingredient, which causes a mess on my face. I’ll stick to ma favourite BB by SO’BIO etic. I recommend this if you want to hide some stuff, as it has a really good coverage.

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