Big Lavera make-up review – part 2

As I promised you during summer, I’m now back with the review of other products from new Lavera Trend sensitive line. Let’s check them straight ahead!

Lips & cheeks n.3 and n.4

I already described this product in this post before, so I will now only add the swatches of other 2 shades. You can see both of them in the top picture. Shade n.3 is called Fancy melon and is a matte bright pinky coral (is not too orange nor too pink). The other one is Cool Berry and is a medium wine red with cool undertones.

Left: Lavera Lips&cheeks Cool berry n.4 and right Fancy melon n.3

Left: Lavera Lips&cheeks Cool berry n.4 and right Fancy melon n.3


New Lavera lipsticks

It’s fantastic that Lavera has added many new lipsticks and changed all the colours and formulations! The lipsticks are now much creamier and thus moisturising. They have 4 new shades in the Matte collection, 15 shades in the Beautiful lips collection and 2 additional for fall winter limited edition. I will review 2 gorgeous shades from the Matte collection and one from the Beautiful lips.

N.21 Caramel glam is a perfect day colour in a medium pink beige shade. It’s smooth and creamy and it glides excellently on the lips when applied. Here are all 3 swatches:

Lavera swatches from top:  n.25, n.21, n.28

Lavera swatches from top:
n.25, n.21, n.28

The other 2 swatches are from the Matt collection. Matt’n Plum is a deep plum red with a cool undertone; a great shade to wear in upcoming fall/winter days! While the other one Matt’n Pink is a subtle medium pastel antique rose – the perfect warm rose that suits almost every woman. The kind of natural lip colour. And all the lipsticks have a pleasant smell of vanilla, I sense it this way 🙂

Eyeshadow base (primer)

I didn’t expect to love this primer! You can see it on the top pictureIt comes in a small tube and it looks like a semi transparent gel. A little goes a long way and when applying it you need to work it quickly cause it dries. This is because it’s made to reduce the oiliness from the lids. With the eyeshadow it gives not just a more intense colour, but it also prevents the eyeshadows to crease. A nice surprise from a natural brand. It can be compared to some “famous” primers.

Lavera primer: left eyeshadow without primer, eyeshadow with primer, a drop of primer

Lavera primer: left eyeshadow without primer, eyeshadow with primer, a drop of primer

Eyeshadow quattro Purple fantasy n.3

Along with the eye primer I couldn’t resist to try one of those eyeshadows 🙂 I’ve chosen this one because it’s a great choice for a classic day makeup that you can upgrade in evening with deeper colours all in one palette. Except the lightest peachy shade which is slightly frost, others are matte. We have a medium browny beige, a medium warm plum and a warm chocolate brown. The intensity is very good as you can see in the picture. They blend easily and don’t crease in the lids.

Lavera Quattro eyeshadow Purple fantasy

Lavera Quattro eyeshadow Purple fantasy (without primer!)

Lip gloss and blush

I wanted to try almost everything from the new collection. I’m surprised about the new glosses and blushes! I did a choice all in pink 🙂 The blush is a nice warm pink with a subtle golden shine, very pigmented! The lip gloss has an amazing vanilla scent and flavour and is also very hydrating, not sticky and it gives a nice colour on the lips. This one is a creamy pink shade.

Lavera blush Pink harmony n.4 and lip gloss n.10 Sweet melon

Lavera blush Pink harmony n.4 and lip gloss n.10 Sweet melon


Last but not least: Yes I have the new mascaras as well and they are very good just to let you know 🙂 But I’m saving them for the next review where I want to present you and compare more natural mascaras. Stay tuned 🙂 and I hope you find useful this post. If you have any questions about these new Lavera products comment below.


2 Responses to “Big Lavera make-up review – part 2”
  1. Ola D. says:

    Lavera is great. I love their loose face powder. It’s just so good for the skin.

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