A glimpse in summer: Apiterra hand-made cosmetics

We are more or less in autumn and vacations are over. Hope you’ve gained new energy to start again the new season! My vacations this year were surprising, not just relaxing. I unexpectedly discovered many small gems like beautiful places, boutiques with hand-made things (not just cosmetics), exhibitions and good food 🙂 One of those things was this lovely boutique with hand-made cosmetics that looks, smells and is divine for the senses! At first it just caught my curiosity because it was natural, but when I tried their products I was thrilled!

They are a croatian brand called Apiterra and they have 2 boutiques: one in Zagreb, the other one in Poreč. Unfortunately, they don’t have their website. But I can tell you, they have many beautiful products: from organic body oils, lotions, scrubs, serums, butters, deodorants, even organic honey with cinnamon for detoxing the body. What impressed me the most was the simplicity of chosen ingredients versus the final result which are divine smelling products that leave a great feeling on the skin. I bought a few products and I have found my best body butter till now. First I wanted to buy the lavender one, but when I tried the chocolate one, was blown away by its smell. I haven’t tried anything similar: not just chocolate but overall sensual and not too sweet smell. I wish I could send some of it to try 🙂 What is amazing is that this Body chocolate (like it’s called) also works as a light tan product because it’s so brown (from cacao and walnut). I already had tanned skin and this butter was gorgeous on the skin; it gives moisture and that sheen, plus some nice natural colour to refresh a little bit the tan. And additionally it leaves that divine scent that feels like you wear natural perfume,aaah! This butter is a blend of extra virgin olive oil (which is a signature product from croatian seaside areas, like lavender and rosemary), walnut, carrot, honey, calendula, cacao and beeswax. All products are packed in glass jars or bottles which is great for the quality of those natural ingredients.

Another product which is also their best-seller as they told me is their deodorant, that comes in 3 scents. I took the jasmine one which is great and it leaves you fresh all the day without being sticky or greasy. The list with ingredients is simple: extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, essential oils, purified water.

I also couldn’t resist to the face scrub made from flowers of calendula and sambucus, sugar, corn starch and extra virgin olive oil. They also have many other products for face. I tried a lovely serum for the face, moisturisers, oils. But will give a try to more of them next time because now my bathroom is loaded with tons of products.

Here is the picture of those 3 products I bought:

Apiterra: face scrub, body chocolate and jasmine deodorant

Apiterra: face scrub, body chocolate and jasmine deodorant



Some pictures of the boutique:


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I’m really happy I have discovered some great hand-made products so close, in our “neighbourhood”. Congratulations!


7 Responses to “A glimpse in summer: Apiterra hand-made cosmetics”
  1. Hi Dasha!
    So nice to hear that you have had a lovely summer. Always nice to find some new brands with beautiful things. 🙂
    On that note I thought I tell you what I found. It will be a blogpost adventually but since you like makeup I thought you might like to know. They are cheap but nice ingredients. I have not tried them yet but will adventually.
    It started with wanting to try a cream foundation but the most well known brands like Vapour, w3ll people and RMS are expensive. I do not mind if I can get a sample first, but it seem to be difficult. Then I discovered that Silk Naturals that I like have made there own foundation so when I ordered some eyeshadows I ordered a sample to; 1 dollar a sample, 12 dollars for the full size. Then I found also The Cow Girl Dirt ;1 dollar a sample, 25 dollar full size and The All Natural Face ( sometimes called TANF); 4 dollars for 25 samples 16 dollars full size and 10 dollars refill. The shipping cost is about 10 dollars from each of these.
    Have you tried any of them and what do you think about cream foundation? I usually like less coverage but maybe fun to try something new.
    All the best to you

    • green makeup says:

      Hi Malin! So nice to hear from you! And thanks for sharing your new discoveries an thoughts with me, I really appreciate it! I already know Silk Naturals and TANF, but haven’t tried them yet. I always have other priorities before and then I always forgot about them. First I was interested in cream blushes from TANF but realized that the shades are quite dark and heavy. But I’m curious to try other products like primers, mixing mediums,…even foundations. So I really look forward for your new post and review! Perhaps it will be the right time now to try them 🙂 I will also check the other brand you mentioned. Thanks again and have a great time!

  2. The face scrub looks absolutely gorgeous!!! great pick!x

  3. NinaG says:

    great post !

  4. Amber says:

    Wow so nice to have them in your neighbourhood! How nice does that body chocolate look!? yum!

  5. Mara says:

    Thank you for this report! Unexpected things are indeed the most emotional ones. Maybe one day we turn the corner and meet each other. 😉
    So nice that desk out of the shop and love the zen atmosphere on the inside. I cannot say much on the products, but they seem very inviting.


  6. kirsten says:

    I love the product but I live in Belgium and I can’t seem to find a email or webshop to contact them.
    Can anybody help me with that?


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