How to wear this summer makeup trends

+ review of new Lavera Trend sensitive make-up

It seems that these days there are 2 different makeup trends out there: the ultra heavy one with lots of conturing, based on old school techniques (a la Kim Kardashian style) where you get a complete makeover (and a mask like face where everyone looks the same) or the modern and fresh approach to makeup where you expose your features as they are with subtly enhancing the skin without looking overdone. Well, my approach has flipped through the years from the first one to the second one. This is why I’m going to present you the fantastic new Lavera makeup line along with some tips & tricks how to wear and achieve a natural yet gorgeous makeup especially in summer days.

Follow these steps to achieve that dewy look like you’d just hit the runway from Dolce&Gabbana!

a) Foundation

When talking about any makeup, not just the “modern” one, the most important feature to enhance is the face. We have to give it a radiant healthy finish without looking overdone – like you don’t wear any foundation. And here I want to introduce you 2 fabulous foundations from the new Lavera collection: Natural mousse make-up and 2-in-1 compact foundation. They are both in the category of light and seamless looking new era foundations. I have tried them first on myself and so I ordered them both in the shade n.01 Ivory. They both have a plethora of beneficial ingredients and oils, the only exception is one ingredient in the mousse which is a silicone (dodecane) which some of the greenest of you won’t like. I find the best way to apply them with fingers, but you can use a duo-fibre brush as well (this is the most suitable for this type of light foundations). I must emphasise my love for the new updated look and packages; they look beautiful, elegant and so professional as well! The first Mousse foundation is creamy and very light in texture and it gives you a matte finish although inside the glass jar it looks quite radiant shiny. The coverage is quite good in comparison with the light texture, I’d say light to medium. It comes in 3 shades and the one I picked is suited for light skin and thankfully has a neutral undertone with a hint of yellow. The second 2-in-1 foundation blown me away! You might think about a cakey and heavy texture, looking too overdone; nope! It comes in 2 shades and it’s meant for touch-ups, but on myself I can use it easily alone. It comes in a gorgeous compact with mirror and sponge, but I prefer to use fingers which gives me more control and a small amount is needed. This one provides a matte finish with great coverage and looking like you don’t wear any make-up. It also covers my dark under eye circles so I need just a touch of under eye concealer which is great! The technology of both products amazes me, which is great that the green industry is improving so much!


New Lavera foundations

New Lavera foundations


New Lavera foundation's  swatches (blended seamlessly into the skin)

New Lavera foundation’s swatches (blended seamlessly into the skin)


Green make-up tip: Before applying any foundation take care of your skin with regular beauty routine and make sure to use a good moisturiser as a base. If your skin is flawless, you can use just a touch of concealer instead of any foundation.


b) Cheeks

are the next feature to enhance with a touch of subtle color. This summer you can choose more vivid colours, like corals, oranges, pinks, but wear them with the rest of your makeup at minimum. They want to be the in the spotlight 🙂 Apply them with a small brush or the best with fingers and blend the color seamlessly into the skin. You can add what’s left on the brush/finger on your lips too. I love the most this new product from Lavera called Lips&Cheeks which comes in 4 shades. I have tried 2 of them and felt in love. As you can see from the picture, I already dabbed into the pink one my brush and it looked amazing on the model I worked with! The other one I applied on myself with fingers 🙂 The texture is creamy and non greasy and blends easily to achieve the fresh look. I love the awesome finish and great pigmentation. A little goes a long way and you can wear them as vivid lipsticks too! All shades are so modern and want to try the other two too!

New Lavera Lips&Cheeks

New Lavera Lips&Cheeks


Lavera Lips&Cheeks swatches

Lavera Lips&Cheeks swatches



c) Highlighter 

is one of the most important tools when it comes to radiant skin. On how to apply it check my post here, where I’ve explained exactly where it goes. There are 2 amazing products out there at Lavera called Soft Glowing highlighter  which comes in a lovely pot and 2 slightly shimmery colours: one golden for warm tones (Golden shine), another lunar rosy (Shiny pearl) for cool tones. They provide you a nice and glowing finish when applied properly without looking greasy. Here are the swatches (note that on all photos was some unwanted redness on my skin to take in consideration):

Lavera highlighters swatches

Lavera highlighters swatches


Lavera new Highlighters

Lavera new Highlighters


Thankfully, in the uber updated Ecco verde international online shop, you can find the entire new line from Lavera (and many other green brands as well)! And if you hurry I saw right now they have 10% off on all new Lavera makeup products!

But stay tuned, because I have many more products to review for you from this new Lavera make-up collection!

14 Responses to “How to wear this summer makeup trends”
  1. Mara says:

    Hi Dasha!

    I always love your way of being so analytic and so “educational”. And I love your way of using the word “plethora”. 😉

    As for the products, I’m very curious about the foundations. For what concerns “dodecane”, I know that it may derive from coconut oil (distilled and hydrogenated), so it isn’t necessarily of petrochemical origin.

    Thank you

    Bye 🙂

    p.s. Is a review of the new Lavera mascaras in the air? 😉

    • green makeup says:

      Hehe thanks Mara! You always put a big smile on my face 🙂 oh, and thanks for your outstanding knowledge too, regarding the dodecane. Sounds great! I think in this case it’s derived from coconut. I must admit that recently I’m not so updated with all technical stuff so it’s great to have someone like you to help!
      And yes mascaras approaching and other makeup goodies too 😉
      Baci, D

  2. Lavera looks so nice! I sooooo have my eye on that mousse foundation. Is it similar to the RMS un cover-up? because that’s sort of what it looks like in the pics. Great post!

    • green makeup says:

      Thank you Grace! In texture is not similar to rms, because rms is much more oily. This one is like a soft soft mousse that literally disappears through the fingers and skin, but it leaves that sensation that you don’t wear anything. What is great is that it covers imperfections (not full coverage) in comparison with its super light texture. Hope was helpful. And if you try it, feel free to drop me a line how it works for you. Best, Dasha

  3. yumirae says:

    This was dangerous to read..i want it all! The Lip to cheeks look especially beautiful. Thanks for this!

  4. Great Blog, very interesting 🙂

  5. Love this post! Those Lavera cream blushes look so good, I want them!

  6. ivka says:

    Ravno včeraj sem odkrila Laverina ličila v centru mestu in si nabavila dva blusha; Fancy Melon in Sunny Cherry! 🙂 Ne morem se odločit katerega mam raje … še dobro da si nisem naročila Max Factorjev kremni b. preko Spletične, ker bi zanj odštela 16€+poštnina bog ve koliko je … Illamasqin kremni rdeče barve je premočan za mojo svetlo polt … Kyolanov mi niso hotle prodat, ker je namenjen za maske … in dolgo sem iskala enega fajnega … in eccola tale Cherry se prikaže v Mullerju! ::) Katero Laverino podlago pa priporočaš za kombiniran tip kože? Pri meni se mousse podlage nikoli niso dobro obdržale … prosssim če boš še kaj probala od Lavere boš opisala prve vtise? Ker me zelo zanima in ker rada berem tvoj blog in ker obožujem tvoje delo! 🙂 X

    • green makeup says:

      Živjo Ivka! Najlepša hvala za tvoj super komentar in vtise! Me veseli, da so ti všeč nova Laverina kremna rdečila! Tudi sama jih veliko uporabljam. Za mešani tip kože ti priporočam ravno Mousse puder ali celo 2v1 (oba sta iz nove kolekcije). Oba sta zelo zelo lahka in prekrivna. Namreč mousse ni tak kot so ponavadi penaste teksture tovrstnih pudrov. Njegova tekstura je kot kremni puder, dokaj “trda”, nikakor pa ne penasta ali celo oljnata. Lahko si prebereš več o teh pudrih na Ecco Verde blogu kjer sem napisala članek:
      Če pa je tvoja koža zelo mastna ti priporočam uporabo mineralnih pudrov v prahu/kamnu.
      Upam, da ti bo to v pomoč 🙂

      Oglasi se še kaj s tvojimi vtisi o novih ličilih. Pozdrav! Daša

  7. Hi Dasha,

    I’ve been curious about the Lavera mousse but the dodecane makes me think twice. Some say it is coconut origin, others say it is still not safe despite its origin. In any case, it is not a silicone, it is a paraffin.

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