Quick make-up intermezzo: Neve Quetzalcoatl summer 2014

Neve Cosmetics Quetzalcoatl limited edition mineral makeup collection spring/summer has arrived! And I’ve received it unexpectedly these days in my mailbox. Yaay! I immediately felt in love with them and so wanted to share with you this quick post and my impressions. And yes, I know you wait for the 2nd part of my Iherb shopping, which is coming very soon too 😉

So here are some colours from this collection: the new mineral blush Flame tree in a vibrant coral with many metallic tonalities.

Neve Blush Flame tree

Neve Blush Flame tree

The 2 eyeshadows: one is Peyote; metallic white with a huge metallic lime undertone and the other is Rituale; a metallic duo chrome violet blue. However the first one is the most shimmery one, because it has bigger metallic lime green particles in it.

Btw, I see that this collection is inspired by some shamanic rituals and so the names are so creative. Comparing the pigmentation of products I can see that the most pigmented is the blush and the less pigmented was the Rituale, although with a primer it’s fine.

Neve eyeshadow Rituale

Neve eyeshadow Rituale

Neve eyeshadow Peyote

Neve eyeshadow Peyote

The pencils Pastello (that I adore and think of collecting them cause they remind me of school color pencils) in turquoise matte blue and the other metallic warm bronzy brown. They are both mesmerising, I just suggest to wear them very smudged, or as a base for eyeshadow or set them with powder because they tend to smear a little bit especially in warm days when it’s hot.

Neve swatches, left in the shadow, right on direct daylight

Neve swatches, left in the shadow, right on direct daylight

Hope you like it and enjoy my photos as I did. I was so charmed by this special light here in Milano that I decided to put the products directly out on the sun. So, the pictures are taken all on daylight and you can see the play of light, shadow and color which I find so fascinating 🙂

You can see the entire collection which consists of another blush and 2 additional eyeshadows in brown and green on Neve cosmetics website. Enjoy the summer and its colours 😉


One Response to “Quick make-up intermezzo: Neve Quetzalcoatl summer 2014”
  1. NinaG says:

    wooow 🙂 like the colours

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