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I’ve been familiar with Sante cosmetics for a long time and still now I’m very satisfied with this German brand of natural make-up and beauty products which is very renowned here in Europe. However, there are also other similar German brands that I’ll introduce in the future, but I was really curious and fascinated to try Sante’s make-up novelties. Sante has recently updated their formulations and packagings, and even added some new products in the make-up collection, which is my main interest. I have received a few products from this new and so much expected make-up line, that I’ll review for you in this post. Among products that I’m going to review, Sante has also added new lip glosses, nail products, eyeliner pencils, an eyeshadow base and some other products as well.

Sante Lipstick n.21 – coral pink (NEW)

New Sante lipstick n.21 coral pink

New Sante lipstick n.21 coral pink

This lipstick is a new shade among last 4 added colors. I REALLY ADORE this color, especially for spring season, it’s so trendy! And it does suit many women, but mainly those with light skin and hair. It really gives that fresh pop of color to the entire face! I’d say coral pink is the new “red” for spring. I’d describe this shade as not too orange nor too red or yellow, and not too bright or too dull – just the right coral shade! The texture of this lipstick is very soft and smooth on lips. It glides easily and it has also quite a good staying power. It is loaded with natural Jojoba and Almond oils and so it provides hydration to the lips without drying them. Sante lipsticks don’t contain any artificial colors, fragrances and preservatives. Above is the picture of this lipstick on daylight, without flash.

Sante Compact powder n.2

Sante compact powder n.2

Sante compact powder n.2

This is not a new product in Sante decorative collection, but it’s of course an evergreen. First, I ADORE this package! I almost don’t

the shade in daylight

the shade in daylight

find anymore (among natural products) a nice and modern (and also quite “heavy”) make-up box that looks beautiful and has a mirror. If you recall in mind the lovely vanity compacts with mirrors for a feminine touch-up 🙂  Well, Sante has such a product! I’ve tried the compact powder n.2 which is the 2nd of their 3 shades and is suitable for light-medium skin tones. I’m glad it doesn’t have a total rose undertone, but instead is a very wearable neutral beige. I also like its smell, it reminds me of the natural baby cream delicate smell. Perhaps because it has some natural oils that also prevent the skin to become dry. I use this product on myself and since I have dry skin I’m very satisfied with it! It gives a matte finish, but without looking cakey or overloaded with powder. I apply it with a fluffy powder brush and just gently sweep it across the face, especially on the T-zone. Even if applied under eyes to set concealer/foundation it does not look cakey nor too dry. You can wear it on top of your foundation to set it. Some of you may miss the sponge, but I really don’t. For hygienically reasons I never use sponges from compacts. Absolutely perfect finish! I’d just love to see also a translucent shade and even a few darker ones for contouring as well.

Sante Mascara Volume Sensation (NEW)

New Sante mascara Volume sensation - black

New Sante mascara Volume sensation – black

Among a new lash balm and lash extension, Sante has added 2 new mascaras in their collection. I’m going to review the Volumizing one. This mascara comes in black color and a new package. Its wand is very dense as you can see on the picture and thus appropriate for adding volume to the lashes. However, like many natural mascaras its texture is not very thick and so it provides a limited amount of volume. I’d say it has a medium volumizing effect, if you have normal lashes and you add 2-3 coats, it works just fine. But it won’t (like no natural mascara would) satisfy the needs of those who seek in a volumizing mascara too much dense coats and clumpy lashes…Well, I even don’t like this style, if you know what I mean. I like the fact that this mascara does not stick together the lashes and so it combs them very good as well. This is because the design of the wand works well with the mascara’s texture. Sante Volumizing mascara contains natural sunflower and almond oil.

Sante hand cream (NEW)

New Sante hand cream

New Sante hand cream

This is a lovely 30ml version of the new hand cream. Because it’s so small, you can have it with you in every bag to nourish your hand everywhere. I’d recommend it for spring time, because this is a hydrating cream with a very light texture. After applying it, it absorbs very quickly and so your hands won’t be sticky. It is loaded with Goji berry extract and natural oils like: Olive, Jojoba, Coconut and Shea butter. All Sante products don’t contain artificial fragrances but their scent is derived from natural essential oils.

Sante Natural Lash extension (NEW)

Sante lash extension

New Sante lash extension

First, I really find this new product very interesting especially in a brand with natural cosmetics. I will try my best to describe it technically (or theoretically), because honestly, I don’t need to use it. My lashes are long enough and so I won’t use it, but I have got another idea and I’m really curious if it will give results…I have decided to use it on my eyebrows! Since there is the same logic of hairs growing from the skin, I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work…And so I can tell how it will work just after a period of time. I have a few gaps between my eyebrows that I’ve overplucked in my teens of course (yaaaay!) and would really love them to regrow. Basically, this is a natural based serum that promises to enhance the lashes in 4 weeks. It is packed in a tube and with a wand like those of eyeliners. You also apply it like an eyeliner, the difference is that this is a clear liquid serum. It has to be applied 2x daily on clean lashes and eyelids – when you don’t wear any make-up. But maybe anyone of you has already try it? If you do, I’d really love to hear…

I also have to mention that I like very much the package design of all Sante products! Sante is BDIH and Natrue certified. Some products are also vegan and gluten-free.

In the future I hope to try more of these new products and review them for you.

Does anyone of you use Sante products? Share your experience, please. Thank you!

8 Responses to “Sante make-up”
  1. likequietdreams says:

    Great review! I’ve been using Sante eyeliner for a while now. It can be a bit smudgy, but I have hooded eyes, so most eyeliner smudges on me. I totally agree about the great packaging…I love the attached smudge tool on my eyeliner!

  2. I must say I’m not a huge fan of Sante. The compact powder must contain something because any time I used it my skin got incredibly dry. The staying power and colour range of lipsticks are not that great either and their mascara smudges. So, this brand doesn’t work for me.

    • green makeup says:

      Hi! Thanks for sharing your experience. I have to say that I noticed the same things as you mentioned in the old Sante collection, but I was really positively surprised with all these new products. I like very much the new mascara and the new lipsticks and I want to try even their other new stuff. But I completely understand that we cannot have all the same “likes” 🙂 Best, Dasha

  3. Mara says:

    Hello Dasha! 🙂
    I’ve tried many products from this brand, but just two from their decorative range. They were two blushes: the first one was almost invisible on me, the other one was just fine but it had some sparkling parcticles that I didn’t like. Anyway I think Sante is a good value for its price range.
    I’m curious about the results of their Lash extender on you. Did it work with your hair gaps?

    Thank you

    • green makeup says:

      Hi Mara!
      For me Sante is also a nice brand, especially with the new extended line. I have also tried their new body washes and lotions and are really nice! I’ve heard that other novelties are on the way, so fingers-cross for new makeup products 😀
      I like the lash extension and yes it’s almost unbelievable that some hairs have grown where there never were any! It seems that this stuff works but in a gentle way which is fine, cause I’d never use any other lash extension with all that toxic chemicals in! But for best results you should use this product regularly, which I admit I didn’t. When I was away I didn’t remember 😦 But nevertheless the results were/are visible! I will try again in the future to use it everyday at least twice. Btw, I haven’t used it on lashes cause I don’t need, but I have heard that on lashes the result is even quicker!
      Hope was helpful,
      Have a nice weekend!

  4. bbrta says:

    Hi, are this powders good for people with yellow skin? in picture look so pink, I can see you say it is but Im still thinking about..

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