New greenies: Natrafil® 8-piece collection by adesign

Do you remember my post from last year where I’ve presented you the prototype collection of brushes made with Natrafil fibers by adesign? I received those brushes at the event Make-up in Paris to test them and make a review. Well, I found that the real collection is now improved and it’s already out. The collection of makeup brushes is called adesign Natrafil 8 piece collection all new and vegan friendly! It contains the following brushes as stated on the adesign webpage:

Cover Brush

Define Brush

Accent Brush

Highlighting Brush

Contour Brush

Buff Brush

Blend Brush

Smudge Brush


Natrafil 8 piece make-up brushes by adesign


Regarding adesign, I can say just positive reviews. They are a company producing very good professional make-up brushes. I used to use their professional brushes long time ago. I was especially satisfied with their unique cream blush brush. However, I recommend you to try this nice green novelty ! I wish to try them soon, too 🙂



2 Responses to “New greenies: Natrafil® 8-piece collection by adesign”
  1. Lynn says:

    Yes,I remember your because I saved the pic on my comp.for my next review(will credit it to you;)). Where to get this natrafil?How much is it btw?Is it good for a beginner in make up like me?(I’ve been searching for brush for wet application)

  2. green makeup says:

    Oh how nice from you, thanks! Keep me updated 🙂
    The only place that I know in this moment is the adesign website (see 2nd link in the post). I think that they don’t sell brushes separately, but just in collection (100$ for 8 pieces). Their prototype was quite incomplete at that time, but I think that they have upgraded it, since they also added new shapes. I haven’t tried these new one yet.
    Honestly, I hardly say if those are ok for a beginner, cause I don’t know what you use and need exactly…for eyeshadow for wet application…I guess. I work very good with all Natrafil brushes because they allow more precision.
    I really like also these one:
    They also sell them in collection, they are made from Natrafil too, but they are more classical shaped and so in my opinion better for a beginner.
    In every case Natrafil fiber is a new generation of brushes that you have to understand a little bit differently in comparison with natural hair and be open to new. I’d suggest you to try just one if possible and see how it works for you. If you have any other specific questions feel free to ask 🙂

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