How to: Achieve the sun-kissed summer look with bronzer

When hot summer days are approaching, most women feel the need to switch to lighter make-up and using less cosmetic products. However, one of the essential summer make-up products is the bronzer. In this post I will show you how to apply correctly the bronzer, using  just green make-up products.

I have attached a picture from one of my works, where I wanted to emphasize the model’s face (Natasa@Immortalmodels) just by using the bronzer, the highlighter, the lip balm and a touch of color on the eyes to achieve the summer sun-kissed look. Natasha’s face was naturally a bit tanned, in perfect condition and with a lot of lovely freckles, so “less is more” is the key philosophy when you want to bring out your natural beauty, especially in summer.

Which color of bronzer is appropriate for my skin?

When you are choosing the right color of your bronzer, it’s important to take in consideration your skin tone. If your skin is pale, don’t use a deep and dark bronzer. You will end up looking like your face is dirty. The key is to choose a bronzer that is 1-2 tones darker of your current skin color. If your skin is already tanned, the rule is the same. Avoid using bronzers that are too orangey or too pearly, cause you will look artificial. A matte or slightly satin finish is the best choice.

*(Note that colors of the picture may vary depending your monitor.)

Which brush should I use for applying bronzer and how to apply it?

I like using a full, large and dense brush like the bronzer brush from EcoTools, that enables you to blend well. You can also use all sorts of kabuki brushes. When applying the bronzer, pick a small amount of product. Shake off the excess powder and then apply the bronzer on the face with light and circular motions. Blend well, cause you want to achieve a soft natural look and not hard edges that look like dirt.

How to apply the bronzer

I made a sketch from my picture, to show you the areas where the bronzer should be applied. The arrows show the direction and areas where your bronzer goes: on the the temples, cheekbones, outer jaw, forehead, bridge of the nose, tip of the chin and neck. If you have an open dress even on decollete and shoulders. Remember to blend well, cause the bronzer should look like the sun has just kissed your face. I like to sweep the brush also on the brow bone. You can choose between powder or creamy version of bronzers.

Green make-up tip: When doing a sun-kissed look, just the bronzer is not enough. First make sure to prepare your skin with a sun protective moisturizer. If there are any imperfections on the skin, cover them with a concealer. Then start to apply the bronzer. Sometimes I prefer to sweep on the face just a light layer of finishing translucent mineral powder before the bronzer. This way, the bronzer doesn’t move on face, because of sweat or oily skin.

My favorite green make-up bronzers: Nvey Eco (on the picture), Alima Pure, Everyday minerals, Jane Iredale,…

In this post I wanted to focus just on the bronzer. I will write more about summer make-up looks and sun creams in my next posts. Questions and comments appreciated!

Wish you a sunny and joyful summer 🙂

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    great 🙂

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