My new discovery: Make-up brushes with Natrafil fiber

Last week I was invited to a special event called Make-up in Paris, which took place in one of my favorite places in Paris-in Louvre. The event was intended for professionals in the make-up field. There were presented new textures, formulas and package designs for upcoming years, conferences about beauty & make-up trends and many other interesting things. Among all this flow of informations, there was something that especially caught my attention. It was the stand with synthetic make-up brushes. And it wasn’t just one of the many names, but it was Du Pont. Why I was so excited to see this? Because I remember the brand name Du Pont as a synonym of highest quality among synthetic filaments, since when I was studying fashion design at University, where our professor mentioned this brand many times 🙂

To sum up, I’m glad to see that these new technologies are offering its knowledge in the make-up field. In fact, I have already tried many synthetic brushes who are very good to work with, but these one from Du Pont are just an incredible discovery! Why? DuPont does not make brushes, but they develop their special patented synthetic filament which is named Natrafil. Natrafil is a great alternative to natural animal hair in cosmetic brushes. There are still many skeptics about using synthetic brushes, cause they are used to work with traditional natural hair brushes. I used to work with them too, but since I discovered that I can do my job as good or in some cases even better with synthetic ones, I am getting more and more favorable to them. Moreover, I think that there is no need  to kill the animals for brushes, if we have so much advanced technologies working for us. Why not take advantage of it?

Below, I have attached a picture from the Dupont site, where they explain the difference between animal hair, normal synthetic fibers and Natrafil fiber technology: 

Natrafil fibers for make-up brushes (via DuPont)

This is just a brief presentation of these exciting concept about which I am going to write even more. I will surely keep you updated with a second part where I will make a review of brushes with Natrafil fibers that they have given me to test them on the event mentioned above.

What do you think about synthetic make-up brushes? Have you already tried them? Are you satisfied with them? I’d be glad to hear from you about this topic.

4 Responses to “My new discovery: Make-up brushes with Natrafil fiber”
  1. Sheen says:

    I’m so glad to hear that more of our furry friends will be saved! 🙂 Thank you for writing this and sharing this important information!

  2. Hi, I’m considering switching to synthetic brushes, any idea where to buy the Natrafils? So far I’ve considered brushes from 100% Pure Cosmetics and from Ultimate Brushes (their Whisper Duo Fiber ones look especially good) but not sure what would be the best choice and value for money for just doing my own makeup, now I’m using Kryolan brushes.

    • green makeup says:

      Hi! Thanks for your question! Natrafil is a quite new concept in the makeup industry. They told me that in one year new brushes will be out for the professional brand adesign. You can now buy their brushes here: You have an email on their page below for further info. I will also post a review soon about all these brushes. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask:)

  3. Mary says:

    My grandpa worked for DuPont for decades, I’m excited to see what brands use Natrafil!

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