Beautiful skin – the mirror of our lifestyle

One of the most common questions that I receive from women of all ages is:

Tell me what do I have to use to have a bright, radiant, youthful skin without pimples and spots?

There are some essential facts that we should understand about our skin. Especially, when we have problems, it’s not enough just to buy a new beauty product or food supplements and think that we have done everything for our skin. We should start think about what is the function of our skin and ask ourselves what does make us so uncomfortable about and why?

Some facts about our skin that you should become aware of:

– our skin is our LARGEST ORGAN, doing important functions, in order that our body functions properly

– more than 70% of our body consists of water, this is why hydration is so important.

– the skin is the screen that shows everything what’s going on in our body: it shows the state of our organs and mirrors our emotions

For instance, did you know that millennia old traditional Chinese medicine, already knew that our skin reflects the state of our lungs and colon? Our body cleanses itself through breathing (the organ=lungs), but when there is too much of toxins in our body, then the body starts to detoxify through the skin. And this is one of the main reasons, to understand why just a cream won’t resolve skin problems. Because the problems are rooted deeper, inside of our body. And vice versa, our body is constantly polluted by outside factors, this is why we need to protect our skin as good as possible, with the best ingredients. The best ingredients are surely not meant by petrolatum derived ones and other chemical cocktails found in cosmetics and medicines. The reason is simple: synthetically produced ingredients don’t exist by nature (and they never existed) in our body. They are an outside, foreign body in our main body. In this case, our body needs to work much harder to detoxify all the junk stuff out. If your lifestyle is being always under stress, eating junk industrial food, using pharmacological medicines, using a lot of conventional cosmetics and house chemical cleaners, the result is being unhealthy, even depressed, without energy. Furthermore, our skin is not in a good condition and it starts showing the signs of this lifestyle. At minimum, there are dark circles around the eyes, problems with blemishes, spots, acne, quickly aging, too oily/dry/sensitive skin.
The body gets in this kind of conditions because it becomes over-acidified. The ph of the skin is not in balance and so our skin is showing signal signs that not everything is ok inside.

If you want to take the best care of yourself, you should change first the inside – accept yourself and your body. The next step is to change your lifestyle, which should not be something repressing. It should be a nice, spontaneous change filled with creativity in every field. I suggest you to take following baby steps towards your overall health, which will reflect on your skin:

drink a lot of pure water, that helps your digestion and with this, it cleanses toxins from the body

eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables in every form (you get vitamins, minerals, water)

– instead of industrial junk food, start using organic whole grains and minimally processed food

include seeds and nuts on your daily basis menu  (a source of minerals, vitamins, fibers, high oil content, they are a highly prized food and energy source)

– in cooking start to avoid frying and use just cold-pressed oils like olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, which contain a high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

– take care of your skin with massages and appropriate organic skin care (= what goes inside the body, should be used even on outside)

remove your make-up regularly morning and evening

– move your body with physical activity

– start using natural cleansers in your house

sleep enough

from the inside: start to observe your emotions, your behaviors and try to keep yourself in balance with meditation, yoga or any self-relaxing technique

Maybe at first sight it seems that there is a lot of tasks to do, but if you do (and this is highly recommended) small baby steps, starting to make changes on one of these fields, everything will GUIDE you in the right direction. You will start to feel better and you will regain not just health and energy; you will improve your overall lifestyle!

Now, start to think a little bit about what you really want 🙂

(photo: Boris Gorjan)

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